“Krishoker Eid Anondo”: Game show for farmers on channel-i

2007-12-19__cl021.jpgThe second instalment of the farmers’ game show Krishoker Eid Anondo will be aired at 2:30 pm on channel-i on the second day of Eid-ul-Azha. Participated by men, women and children from farmer families, the show includes 14 different games. The programme was shot at Bhatpiari village in Sirajganj district.
The show is designed, presented and directed by agriculture development activist and media personality Shykh Seraj. The first instalment of the show was aired during the last Eid-ul-Fitr.
The agrarian communities in our country survive in the midst of many difficulties. Natural disasters repeatedly devastate them. The consecutive floods this year took away a lot from them. Due to the floods and river erosion many people lost their homes and cultivable lands.
Once populated areas with fertile lands have turned into arid landscapes, such as Bhatpiari village. Krishoker Eid Anondo is aimed at inspiring these farmers who have lost much.
The rural scenario has changed dramatically over the years. Once during the Ashwin and Kartik months (Bengali calendar), there were several traditional festivals such as mela (fair), Nabanna (celebration of harvest) and more. Now, there are few such outlets. Likewise, traditional rural games that used to enliven the farmers and their families are fast becoming things of the past. Krishoker Eid Anondo intends to revive our rural cultural heritage.
Although the TV channels in our country plan extensive schedule of Eid-special programmes, these do not highlight the farmers and their families. Krishoker Eid Anondo wants to fill that vacuum.
The show features games including sowing of seeds, Bhela (raft) race, donga race, obstacle-race, climbing up oiled banana trees, Jabbar’s bali, thenga race, swimming, pillow fight and chocolate race. Through the show, ten families affected by river erosion were given new homes.


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