Comic with Javed

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2008-01-02__sp011.jpgFor the past one year Javed Omar Belim made the headlines for somehow convincing the selectors that he still fits in the one-day side of the Tigers albeit the general sentiment was that his style rather suited the longer version of the game most.
The selectors however took a dramatic U-turn on Monday when they decided to bring Javed back home from New Zealand along with three other players before the start of the two-match Test series. The whimsical decision of the selectors took everyone by surprise, firstly because of his exclusion from Test side and secondly for his inclusion in the just concluded one-day team where he played no part.
There was always controversy over one-day selection of the right-hander and it was no exception when he was included in the 15-member one-day squad for the three-match series that the Tigers lost 3-0. But nobody questioned about his place in the Test side.
If the selectors have a policy to try with new guys to find out a permanent opening pair then why they picked Javed for the one-day team and then brought him back without giving him any chance to prove himself during the tour? Isn’t it funny?
Chief selector Rafiqul Alam could have been the right man to explain the reason behind this comical decision but he is now touring with the Bangladesh Under-19 team in South Africa.
Selector Akram Khan however was available to comment on the issue over telephone and he said that they have just honoured the decision of new Australian coach Jamie Siddons.
“You have every right to raise the question about whether the decision was logical or not. But what I can say that we simply accepted it to honour our new coach who actually expressed his desire to try with the new pair on this tour,” explained Akram.
“But it is also true that we have to take a harsh decision if we want to find a permanent solution for the opening spot. We have taken a risky decision by keeping two uncapped openers for the Test series, but I think the batting of Tamim Iqbal and Zunaed Siddiqui in the one-day series have prompted our coach to take this challenging decision,” he added.
Asked if the coach has become bigger than the selection panel itself, Akram defended Siddons.
“You know each and every coach always picks up one or two players at the beginning of their tenure and I think Jamie wanted to rely on Zunaed. And there is nothing wrong to respect the decision of a coach. But what we must ensure that we don’t show impatience to the new guys rather we have to keep faith in them,” he opined.
The former national skipper also defended their decision of selecting Javed Omar for the one-day squad.
“We were helpless to pick up Javed because of poor form of Shahriar Nafees. But Nafees returned to form latter and without any doubt he is always our first choice if the left-hander is in form,” Akram said.
But whatever the burly former national captain said Javed, who played 40 Tests and 59 one-day internationals, has certainly felt that he was harshly treated this time.


Thousands stream out of Dhaka as Eid holiday starts today

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2007-12-20__front011.jpgWith the Eid-ul-Azha only a day away, thousands of city dwellers are braving a lot of troubles to go back to their village homes to celebrate the second biggest religious festival of the Muslims with their near and dear ones.
The usually busy metropolis looked a little different yesterday as a large number of people already left for home in the three-day holiday comprising the weekend and public holiday on the Victory Day, December 16.
Although the rush for returning home started a few days back, a virtually unending stream of people crowded inter-district bus terminals at Gabtoli, Sayedabad and Mohakhali, Kamalapur railway station and Sadarghat launch terminal yesterday.
And the rush will climax today as a three-day Eid holiday begins today.
The home-goers seemed to ignore the hazards of journey by overloaded vehicles to be with their family members or relatives on the occasion of the Eid.
Taking advantage of the situation, unscrupulous transport staffs greatly raised bus fare in various routes.

Due to relaxed traffic control and haphazard plying of vehicles, heavy traffic congestion was created on the roads near Gabtoli, Mohakhali and Sayedabad bus terminals yesterday morning. As a result, many home-goers could not reach the terminals timely. Hundreds of people were seen walking towards the terminals carrying their luggage.
Ticket counter staffs at different bus terminals tried to capitalise on the huge demand for tickets and charged Tk 100 to Tk 200 more than normal fare.
Sirajul Islam, passenger of a Jhenidah-bound bus of Shohag Paribahan, said, “The staffs took from me Tk 250 for a ticket instead of Tk 150”.
Asked about this, a staff member of the transport company admitted that they were overcharging the passengers on the eve of the Eid.
Executive Member of Bangladesh Bus-Truck Owners’ Association Salahuddin Ahmed said each of the 125 transport companies that operate through Gabtoli bus terminal has increased their operation by 20 to 25 percent to cope with the Eid rush of passengers.
He however denied all allegation of overcharging the passengers.
“We have asked our staffs to follow the fare rates fixed by the government ahead of the Eid-ul-Fitr”, he said.

Although the railway authorities arranged advance sale of tickets ahead of the Eid-ul-Azha, all tickets of the 24 inter-city trains were already sold out.
They also tagged extra compartments with each inter-city and express trains, said Muhammad Shamsul Haque, station master at Kamalapur station.
“Inter-city trains have the capacity of carrying 16,718 seating passengers, and tickets for those are already sold out. Tickets for mail and express trains, which can be bought instantly from the stations, are unsold now,” he said yesterday.
These trains have a total of around 6,000 seats, he said.
People were now buying ‘standing tickets’ for inter-city trains, which would not ensure any seats for them. They have already sold around 6,000 ‘standing tickets’, the station master said.
Yesterday, many home-goers were seen on the roof-top of different trains braving their lives. 
All roads towards Sadarghat launch terminal were packed with vehicles carrying home- going passengers since yesterday noon. The traffic congestion took a serious turn as a cattle market was set up at nearby Naya Bazar.
Many of the passengers alleged that launch staffs were overcharging them by Tk 100 to 200 each.
Each of the launches were seen overloaded with passengers yesterday.
“A Bhola-bound launch with a capacity of around 400 passengers, was carrying about 600 passengers,” alleged Mohiuddin, a passenger.
The home-goers however expressed their satisfaction at the absence of brokers at the terminal this time.

Khaleda’s nephew sued for graft

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The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) yesterday filed cases against BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s nephew and a detained former state minister for amassing wealth beyond known sources of income and concealing information about it.
The commission in the last couple of days also approved filing cases on the same charges against former state minister Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir’s wife Sitara Alamgir, former superintendent of police Mojibul Haque, his wife Shahida Haque and son Shahidul Haque.
Yesterday’s cases were filed under sections 26 (2) and 27 (1) of the ACC Act and 15 d (5) of the emergency power rules.
Assistant Director Taufiqul Islam filed the case against Khaleda’ nephew Shahrin Islam Tuhin with Gulshan Police Station accusing him of illegally accumulating Tk 2.9 crore and concealing information about Tk 1.43 crore wealth.
The complainant in the first information report (FIR) said Tuhin in his wealth statement showed Tk 2.5 lakh “fake” business investment.
The former premier’s nephew submitted Tk 4.66 crore wealth statement on July 22 and also showed property purchased in his own name as business investment.
The FIR says Tuhin in the statement concealed information and gave false information by showing lower expenditure and lower price rates. He also did not mention wealth he possessed in his own name and in the name of his family.
The property shown in the wealth statement includes three houses worth Tk 46.74 lakh in Gomnati, Domar, and Nilphamari, 20 decimal land in Bhaluka, Mymensingh and bank balance of about Tk 6.67 lakh.
Tuhin also showed that he had spent about Tk 1.16 crore in expenditure for others purposes for him and his family.
The property Tuhin did not mention in the statement includes Tk 40.7 lakh he gave to Executive Motors for business purpose, while he showed Tk 2.5 lakh fake business statement with Daffodil Online Ltd.

Assistant Director Shahin Ara Momtaj filed the case against former state minister and LDP presidium member Redwan Ahmed and his wife Momtaj Ahmed.
In the case, the plaintiff said Redwan illegally accumulated Tk 2.31 crore and did not show property worth Tk 1.37 crore in his wealth statement.
Redwan submitted the wealth statement through jail authorities on August 14 following the ACC notice issued on August 7.
The statement shows lower prices of a plot in Uttara, a four-storey building in the capital on 7.21 decimal land and a two-storey building at Monihar in Comilla, the FIR says.
His concealed property includes two cars in his wife’s name, a car in his own name, four shops in Chandina in the name of his wife, son, two daughters and a daughter-in-law, and a Rajuk plot in the capital in his wife’s name, the FIR adds.
The FIR also says Redwan gave false information about Tk 2.2 crore saying his son Moyeen Ahmed donated him Tk 2 crore and he took loan Tk 20 lakh from his son in 1990.
But investigation revealed that Moyeen was only 13 then and the matter of money dealing with a boy at such an age is unacceptable, unbelievable and inconsistence, the FIR adds.
Momtaj was included in the case as she abetted her husband in accumulating and concealing the wealth.

Hajj pilgrims stone Satan in Mina

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2007-12-20__front021.jpgAround two million Muslims massed in the holy Saudi city of Mina on yesterday for the symbolic stoning of the devil, one of the high points, but also one of the most risky, of the annual hajj.
Amid tight security, with helicopters hovering overhead and a fleet of ambulances standing by, the human tide converged on the area for the stoning of pillars, which will continue on Thursday and Friday.
The crush as pilgrims seek to ensure their stones hit Satan has led to hundreds of deaths in the past, including 345 during the ritual in January last year. A similar tragedy in 2004 saw 251 people trampled to death.
The Saudi Gazette newspaper said 10,000 troops had been deployed in Mina to beef up security and control pedestrian traffic on Jamarat Bridge, from where many throw their stones.
Saudi authorities have built a third level on to the bridge complex to ease the pressure, allowing more than 200,000 faithful an hour to cast pebbles they collected the previous day.
In another change after the deaths of the last hajj, the three “Jamarat” pillars have been extended, each of them effectively being turned into a large wall. This has made them an easier target and lessened the need for pilgrims — many elderly and feeble — to push to get closer.
“By casting my pebbles I am saying that I will not give in to Satan’s worldly temptations,” said one middle-aged Arab, who identified himself as Jassem.
According to tradition, Mina is the place where Satan appeared first to Abraham, to his son Ishmael, and to Ishmael’s mother Hagar. The word Mina is a derivative of an Arabic word meaning “wish,” since it was here that Adam wished for heaven.
After the stoning, the pilgrims celebrate Eid ul-Azha, literally the day of sacrifice, when animals, normally sheep but also goat, cows and camels, are sacrificed, in remembrance of Abraham’s readiness to sacrifice his son to God.
The Saudi government prefers hajjis to buy coupons instead of directly buying and sacrificing a beast, to avoid meat being wasted.
Sheep sacrificed through coupon purchase are frozen and then distributed among the needy in the Islamic world.
This year the coupons cost around 105 dollars each. Last year, according to official figures coupons worth more than 74 million dollars were sold.
The hajj reached its climax on Tuesday when the faithful — men clad in a two-piece seamless white cloth, the women covered except for the hands and face — spent the day praying for forgiveness.
“In total, 2,454,325 pilgrims, including 1,707,814 from outside the kingdom, are performing the pilgrimage this year,” said the Saudi news agency SPA, quoting official figures.
Earlier, Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdel Aziz said the pilgrims had come to Saudi Arabia from 181 different countries, with their number increasing three percent on last year.
Among this year’s pilgrims was Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, invited by Saudi King Abdullah to become the first president of the Islamic republic to take part.
His pilgrimage has an added political significance because of the sometimes rocky relations between Shiite Iran and Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia. An Iranian demonstration during the hajj in 1987 led to Tehran and Riyadh breaking diplomatic relations. Security forces tried to break up the protest and 402 people, including 275 Iranians, were killed.
Iranians stayed away from the hajj until 1991.
This year’s hajj ends on Friday.

Iraq says Turkish raid an ‘attack on sovereignty’

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Iraq said yesterday it believed Turkey was unlikely to extend a military operation against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq but sharply criticised Ankara for what it branded an attack on its sovereignty.
Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh urged Ankara to end the military action — which comes after weeks of mounting cross-border tensions — and use dialogue to solve the rebel issue.
“We feel this issue will not be solved militarily. Any such action is an attack on Iraq’s sovereignty,” he told AFP.
Around 500 Turkish troops crossed into northern Iraq on Tuesday targeting rebel Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) guerrillas hiding in the mountainous terrain along the border with Turkey.
The ground incursion was the first such operation since tensions between the two neighbours broke out after the rebels ambushed a Turkish military patrol on October 21 and killed 12 soldiers.
“We believe Turkey is not going to extend the operation. It is a limited operation,” Dabbagh said.
Turkey’s military said the incursion had dealt a “heavy blow” to the rebels.
“A small-scale operation conducted by ground troops… dealt a heavy blow” to PKK militants who had tried to infiltrate Turkey overnight, it said on its website on Tuesday.
Iraqi Kurdish officials from northern Iraq had said on Tuesday evening that Ankara had started withdrawing the troops.
But Dabbagh said he did not know if Turkish forces had withdrawn completely.
“It is difficult to say as the area there is not easy to track,” he said.
Turkey did not indicate how many troops took part in the incursion, which began after the army “received images” of a rebel group attempting to sneak across the border.
Local Iraqi officials said about 500 soldiers crossed into remote areas in northern Iraq and began withdrawing by Tuesday afternoon.

The PKK, listed as a terrorist group by Ankara and much of the international community, has waged a bloody campaign for Kurdish self-rule in southeast Turkey since 1984. The conflict has claimed more than 37,000 lives.

US Senate okays $70 billion for war in Iraq, Afghanistan

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The US Senate late Tuesday approved a half-trillion dollar budget bill for 2008 that includes 70 billion dollars for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, handing a major victory to President George W Bush.
The Senate voted 70-25 to approve the catch-all budget bill but added extra war funds after the House of Representatives version passed Monday included 31 billion dollars solely for US-led efforts in Afghanistan but none for Iraq.
The version passed by the Senate does not include any of the restrictions that Democrats hoped to pin on the release of war funds, such as linking them to a withdrawal date for US troops.
The bill returns to the House for a vote on Wednesday, though lawmakers are only to vote on the war funding portion added by the Senate. If it passes, Bush has indicated he will sign the spending package.
Amid deep differences with the Congress over the Iraq war, the White House had threatened to veto the entire spending bill if it contained no funding for Iraq.
“Obviously, the full funding that we requested since February is what the troops need — not just what they want, but what they need. But this will help us get through this period,” said Bush spokeswoman Dana Perino.
Democrats, who took over the US Congress in November 2006 elections fueled by anger at the war in Iraq, have tried without success to use their power of the purse to impose a timetable for withdrawal from the strife-torn country where nearly 4,000 US troops have died since the March 2003 invasion.
Democrats reportedly also gave up several billion dollars’ worth of other budget demands rejected by Bush, in order to see the spending measure passed before the year-end recess. They have also been concerned about being seen as unsupportive of US troops in battle at Christmas.
Democratic House majority leader Steny Hoyer told CNN that the House initially passed the 31 billion dollars in funding for Afghanistan “so that we could confront terrorism and defeat the Taliban which was, after all, the site from which this country was attacked and which, frankly, we have distracted our attention from.” The package, known as the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008, includes 11 of 12 annual appropriations bills, The package, known as the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008, includes 11 of 12 annual appropriations bills,

What to watch on Eid

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2007-12-20__cul011.jpgATN Bangla
TV play “Ekdin…Hothat Ekdin”
Single-episode TV play Ekdin…Hothat Ekdin will be aired tonight at 8:50 pm. Written by Sumonto Aslam and directed by Shokal Ahmed, the story follows some hilarious incidents a family goes through. On a mundane morning a couple leave for work. Their daughters, along with their grandfather and the domestic help, encounter robbers at the house.
Srabonti, Apurbo, Joyraj, Dr. Enamul Haque and others play the lead roles.
Magazine Programme “Eid”
On the first day of Eid-ul-Azha, magazine programme Eid will be aired at 6pm. Directed by Fakhrul Abedin, the show is hosted by Karovi Mizan.
Noted writer Imdadul Haque Milon and actress Mahbuba Islam Shumi will share their childhood memories in the show. Samina Chowdhury, Hyder Husyn and Krishnokoli will sing in the programme; Shibli Mohammad and Shamim Ara Nipa will present a dance.
TV Play “Ei Shomoy”
Written and directed by Mostafa Sarwar Farooki, single episode TV play Ei Shomoy will be aired at 7:45 pm on the first day of Eid-ul-Azha. Lutfur Rahman George, Rosy Siddiqui and Tamal play the central roles.
TV play “Shawkat Shaheb-er Gari Kena”
Shoukat Shaheber Gaari Kena, written and directed by popular litterateur and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed, will be aired on the second day of Eid at 8:50 pm. The cast includes Zahid Hassan, Shaon, Challenger and Munmun Ahmed. The plot centres on Mr. Shawkat’s “thrilling” experiences of buying a car.
Magazine programme “Eid-er Bajna Bajere”
Magazine show Eid-er Bajna Bajere will be aired on the third night of Eid at 10 pm. The star-studded show is directed and hosted by Khandakar Ismail. Artistes Kanakchapa, Samina Chowdhury, Fahmida Nabi and Chandan Sinha will sing in the show. Abdulla Al Mamun and film star Poppy will take part in an interview. Humayun Faridee and Afzal Hossain will be seen together for the first time in the show. The programme will also feature magician Jewel Aich, actor Shahiduzzaman Selim and rock musician James.
Channel i
Premier of tele-film “Ghani”
Impress Telefilm’s latest production Ghani will be premiered on the first day of Eid at 2:30 pm. The film will also be released simultaneously at movie theatres across the country including Star Cineplex and Balaka Cineworld. The film is written and directed by Kazi Morshed. Cast of the film includes Raisul Islam Asad, Dolly Zahur, Arman Parvez Murad, Naznin Chumki, Masum Aziz and Rina Rahman. The film follows the story of an impoverished family keeping hopes alive despite adversities that threaten their existence. A bull, that is the family’s most valuable asset, is stolen one day and all possible means to recover it are implemented.
TV play “Rohoshyo”
Humayun Ahmed’s play Rohoshyo will be aired at 7:50pm on the first day of Eid. Riaz, Alamgir, Mim and Dr. Ejaz play the lead roles. The play is directed by Meher Afroz Shaon.
The play follows Shawkat, accompanied by his manager and driver, leaving for an unknown destination. While going down a road through a forest, Shawkat’s car breaks down. He becomes tensed as he is carrying a lot of cash with him. Meanwhile, following a strange noise, the manager discovers a nymph-like woman in the jungle.
Sabina Yasmin in “Geetimoy Shei Din”
Sabina Yasmin will present five of her popular songs — Shei din chiro din, Ami rajanigandha phooler moto, Dukkho bhalobeshe prem-er khela khelte hoy and Janina mon kemon kore — in the musical programme Geetimoy Shei Din. Directed by Arif Khan, the programme will be aired on the second day of Eid at 6:00pm.
Ekushey TV
Special programme “Ronobi o Tokai”
On the first day of Eid-ul-Azha at 11:30 am, special programme Ronobi o Tokai will be aired on Ekushey TV. Eminent artist Rafiqun Nabi will speak on his creation, ‘Tokai’. The artist will explain to street children why he had given them the name ‘Tokai’. The artiste will also draw cartoons on the theme of Eid.
Tele-film “Bondhutto, Bhalobasha, Ittadi”
On the second day of Eid-ul-Azha, Telefilm Bondhutto, Bhalobasha, Ittadi will be aired at 9:30 pm. Written and directed by Kaushik Shankar Das, the tele-film focuses on the bond between five young friends that falls apart. Apurbo, Tisha, Rawnak, Munmun, Rimi and Nayeem play the lead roles in the tele-film.
Special TV play “Batasher Shimana Akasher Thikana”
At 8 pm on the first day of Eid-ul-Azha, Ekushey TV will air the play Batasher Simana Akasher Thikana. Written by Professor Muhammed Zafar Iqbal and directed by Abdullah Rana, the play narrates the story of Sumi, a young girl who decides never to be depressed in her life. The play also follows Dr. Karim, who is conducting a researching on what people do when they are angry or sad. The cast includes Jamaluddin Hossain, Chitralekha Guha, Jayanta Chattapadhya, Chanchal Chowdhury and Sohana Saba.
Alka Yagnik at Batexpo
A special programme featuring noted Indian singer Alka Yagnik’s performance at the recent Batexpo ’07 will be aired on the third day of Eid at 8:00 pm. The programme is produced by Alamgir Hossain.
Mini series “Tin Prohor”
Humayun Ahmed’s mini series (three episodes) Tin Prohor will be aired at 8:10 pm on the first, second and third day of Eid. The story revolves around a young man living with his wife and his elderly father in a village. One day the man decides to go to the city. After his departure, his wife dies of snakebite. The father-in-law, who once was suspicious of the woman, feels empathy after her death. He comes to the realisation that his daughter-in-law was a decent human being. While burying the corpse, the father-in-law shares stories about the deceased with the gravedigger.
Zahid Hassan, Shaon, Majnun Mizan, Shadhin Khasru, Dr. Ezazul Islam, Faruq Ahmed and Challenger play the central roles in Tin Prohor.
TV play “Ekti Gatanugatik Premer Golpo”
Single episode TV play Ekti Gatanugatik Premer Golpo will be aired at 9:20 pm on the first day of Eid. Iqbal Hossain Chowdhury and Amitav Reza have jointly written the play and the latter has directed it.
The story follows a university student Jamshed who notices a young woman weeping at a bus station. Out of curiosity he goes up to the woman and tries to help her. Jamshed finds himself in an awkward position. Reluctantly he takes the woman to a relative’s house. There, before he can say anything, the woman introduces herself as Jamshed’s friend.
Iresh Zaker and Jenny play the lead roles.
Musical programme “Guitar Bondhu Amar”
Guitar Bondhu Amar, featuring performances by musicians highlighting only one instrument — guitar, will be aired at 6:45 pm on the third day of Eid. Shafin Ahmed, Bappa Majumdar, Sumon, Balam and the band Souls will perform at the show. Mamunur Rashid Khan has produced the programme hosted by Farah Ruma.
Tele-film “Felu Di Great”
Tele-film Felu Di Great will be aired at 3:45 pm on the second day of Eid. Written by Litu Sakhawat and directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul, the story of the tele-film revolves around Faria, who considers herself to be a detective and goes by the alias ‘Felu di’. Throughout the film Felu di carries on with her unusual and intriguing activities. Tarin, Mosharraf and Joyraj play the central roles in the tele-film.
Tele-film “Boomerang”
Tele-film Boomerang will be aired at 3:45 pm on the third day of Eid. Aniket and Dipankar Dipon have respectively penned and directed the tele-film. The story zooms in on a young man, who comes to Dhaka from a village and faces difficulties in the new surrounding. With his growing ambition to become rich, he abandons his lover. Several years later, he finds himself in his desired position. An affluent businessman wants him to marry his only daughter. But certain incidents occur that change the plan.
Srabonti, Majnun Mizan and Pijush Bandyopadhyay play the lead roles.
TV play “Jogajog Bibhrat, Otohpor Mama”
Written and directed by Abdullah Rana, the play Jogajog Bibhrat, Otohpor Mama features amusing incidents resulting from miscommunication. The play will be aired at 11:20pm on the first day of Eid. From a distant rooftop two undergraduate students try to attract the attention of Nazlee, a postgraduate student, believing her to be of their age. On the other hand Nazlee too has plans up her sleeves and sends them a book with her phone number. The book however ends up with an elderly unemployed tenant in the same building. Monir Khan Shimul, Runa Khan, Rahmat Ali and Shirin Alam play the lead roles. Asaduzzaman Noor has produced the play.
Shahanaz Rahmatullah’s solo performance<>br>A programme featuring performances by noted singer Shahanaz Rahmatullah will be aired at 9:30pm on the second day of Eid. In the programme Shahanaz Rahmatullah will render five new songs written by Liton Adhikary Rintu, Md. Moniruzzaman and Md. Rafiquzzaman. Ali Akbar Rupu has composed the tunes.
Kobigaan in “Agey Ki Shundor Din Kataitam”
Noted Kabiyals Krishnagopal Sarkar and Ranjit Sarkar have taken part in the special programme Agey Ki Shundar Din Kataitam. The show highlights the styles and different aspects of Kabigaan. Produced and planned by Rabishankar Moitri, the show will be aired on the fourth day of Eid at 6:20 pm.
Musical programme “Nimontron”
Featuring performances by popular folk singer Momtaj and rock singer Biplob, special musical programme Nimontron will be aired at 9:30pm on the third day of Eid. Biplob is invited to Momtaj’s village home in Manikgonj this Eid. In between conversations, the artistes will perform songs including Pothey pothey bhalobasha, Aj nisheethey and Dontonnyo na Moddhannyo.